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  • Where’d Everyone Go?

    Where’d Everyone Go?

    From going out to eat to going shopping anyone can see that there is a shortage of workers. Everywhere you go the staff is shorthanded, yet the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in two years. It is a no brainer that the employment rate has been so high due to the impact […]

  • Opportunity or Tragedy?

    Opportunity or Tragedy?

    The world has become a tenuous planet over the past couple of years. Many people have been impacted, some positively and many negatively. How do you think a person can become positively affected by such trauma and chaos in the world? First, the maintenance of attitude.  Negative people only seek ratification of their advice by […]

  • Prudent Steps to a Secure Future

    Prudent Steps to a Secure Future

    Our world is experiencing disruption on a global basis. War in Ukraine, inflation at a 40 year high, gasoline prices reflect the 70s, and continued impact of a rampant virus. Have you had enough? Yes, me too. However, my father taught me that words are cheap and action is riches. This was his statement to, […]

  • Change — The Most difficult Task To Accomplish

    Change — The Most difficult Task To Accomplish

    Life happens with – or without – our consent! One of the most problematic areas of life is managing the fast-paced world of ever-changing financial, tax and estate information. In the past two weeks, the United States Congress has proposed more than ten bills, between the Senate and the House of Representatives, to increase tax […]

  • Direction of Your Life

    Direction of Your Life

    Do you feel like life is just a little out of sync? In the crazy world in which we now find ourselves, it is critical to create a safe place to give you hope and optimism. The best method of creating this stability in your life is to create and monitor your activities and emotions […]

  • The Power of Ownership

    The Power of Ownership

    You have worked hard for many years to accumulate the assets you utilize to sustain your retirement. This balance sheet of tangible and intangible items may last beyond your needs. What are you to do with the remainder of this estate? As the owner of the assets, you possess a tremendous power of control. You […]

  • The Federal Reserve’s Role in the Economy

    The Federal Reserve’s Role in the Economy

    One of the most influential organizations to our economy in the United States is the Federal Reserve Board. Many people don’t notice the substantial impact the decisions of the governors of this board effect on the lives of citizens. Why is it important to understand the role of this agency in your life? It affects […]

  • It’s About More Than Numbers

    It’s About More Than Numbers

    Too often we paint someone with a broad brush as to their contributions to the world solely based on the group in which they are a member. For example, medical doctors may specialize in a field that allows them to focus on a specific area of the human body. These physicians are capable of providing […]

  • Millennial Perspective: Planting Roots in a Pandemic

    Millennial Perspective: Planting Roots in a Pandemic

    As a millennial, buying a home is already hard enough. Trying to save up enough money for an average 6% down payment, trying to determine how much home we can afford, trying to find the time to house hunt, and battling debt to income ratio. Now we are dealing with a seller’s market with some […]

  • Extra Time to Fund IRA For 2020

    Extra Time to Fund IRA For 2020

    Whenever someone tells you something that seems too good to be true, often your presumption is correct. However, since 1974, individuals have enjoyed the opportunity to “keep their money and report a tax deduction” which seems too good to be true. Sure, there are some rules and caveats that must be observed to take the […]