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  • Why it is Critical to Plan for 2022 — NOW!

    Why it is Critical to Plan for 2022 — NOW!

    Trust you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving!  At publishing time for this article, I have laced up the running/walking shoes and hit the pavement to lose the excess turkey weight gained from the abundant offering of two meals last Thursday.   Planning is the process of proactively controlling those events in life that you are capable […]

  • Another Type of Income Tax

    Another Type of Income Tax

    As we get closer to Thanksgiving Day, it jars in my mind the opportunities we have to reduce our taxable income.  The important matter to remember is that most humans, in the United States, are calendar-year, cash-basis taxpayers.  There are many more tax planning strategies available to us prior to the close of the year […]

  • Exercise Your Right; Discharge Your Duty

    Exercise Your Right; Discharge Your Duty

    “This is your duty, son,” my father told me on my 18th birthday as he drove me to the county election board office to register to vote. As a teenager, I understood civics (thank you, Mr. Nunn) by learning from wonderful teachers who made the process fun. As students of civics, we studied the form, […]

  • The One Constant is Change

    The One Constant is Change

    Remember as a younger person when you first heard the phrase, “the only constant in life is change”? At the time you, perhaps, thought the person to be either a great philosopher or speaking gibberish. As I am approaching the inspirational age of 60 years young, the aforementioned statement of change has been proven true […]

  • Medicare Benefits Planning

    Medicare Benefits Planning

    One of the most critical benefits affecting American citizens is the Medicare Program.  For those individuals who qualify at age 65, this program provides health coverage for inpatient care (Part A), outpatient care (Part B), prescriptions (Part D) and other areas.  This article will focus on these three most common areas of care. To qualify […]

  • What Is Your Net Worth?

    What Is Your Net Worth?

    As a result of the economic disruption of the past two years, many people are becoming confused and concerned as to the sufficiency of their financial wealth in maintaining their lifestyle. Fear has a means of causing one to doubt previously acceptable strategies and financial reserves as supportive of your future. By focusing on the […]

  • The Most Critical Action for Success

    The Most Critical Action for Success

    The focus of my articles has been the creation of great value in the lives of the readers. Many of our articles focus on the financial and planning aspects of life. This one is a little different in the terms of investing in yourself. Many of us would agree that it doesn’t matter where you […]

  • New Tax Law, New Opportunities

    New Tax Law, New Opportunities

    One thing in life you can always count on is that tax laws will never be simple in language or applicability! President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 into law on August 16, 2022. Immediately, much hoopla ensued from the Biden Administration touting its effectiveness and from opponents as to its contribution to […]

  • Where’d Everyone Go?

    Where’d Everyone Go?

    From going out to eat to going shopping anyone can see that there is a shortage of workers. Everywhere you go the staff is shorthanded, yet the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in two years. It is a no brainer that the employment rate has been so high due to the impact […]

  • The Millennial Perspective: Stop Treading, Start Moving

    The Millennial Perspective: Stop Treading, Start Moving

    How many times have you felt stuck in your position at work? Feeling like no matter what you do you won’t be offered a promotion, or you only receive raises a few cents at a time, if any. Don’t you dream about advancing your career and wonder what it’s going to take? Well, sometimes it […]

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