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  • Medicare Benefits Planning

    Medicare Benefits Planning

    One of the most critical benefits affecting American citizens is the Medicare Program.  For those individuals who qualify at age 65, this program provides health coverage for inpatient care (Part A), outpatient care (Part B), prescriptions (Part D) and other areas.  This article will focus on these three most common areas of care. To qualify […]

  • Maximizing Support Benefits for Families

    Maximizing Support Benefits for Families

    Many families lack the capabilities to replace the income for their household when they lose a spouse. Depending upon the circumstances, there are many options to prepare for and replace the income from your spouse.  First, life insurance is a means of replacing income by receiving, mostly if not all, tax-free income from an insurance […]

  • Strategies for Filing for Medicare Benefits

    Strategies for Filing for Medicare Benefits

    One of the most complex benefits provided by the federal government is Medicare. Numerous elections that affect your lifetime benefits cause people much anxiety. You will learn when and why to file for certain benefits under the Medicare laws in this article. While working, employers generally provide health insurance benefits for its employees. The coverages […]